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Our goal: to provide effective and sustainable waste management in West Hants that promotes both an economically and environmentally viable community, now and for future generations. 

WHRM aknowleges that we, our contracted collectors, and the facilities we use all have a very important role to play in effective, sustainable waste management. Here, we want to highlight that the success we strive for begins at an individual level, with each of our daily actions.

This section of our website is an educational tool to empower you - the individual - to make informed decisions that will help us foster a more sustainable future; one that involves less waste! 



Issues receiving a collection calendar?


If you've had trouble receiving the correct mailout for your area, or haven't received one at all, please choose one of the following options that works best for you. 


Christmas Tree Disposal in WHRM

Wondering what to do with your tree once the holidays come to a close? Look no further! 

Please ensure ALL ornaments, lights, tinsel and garland is removed before donating, upcycling or disposing of your tree. 


What do I do with Used Needles?

Imagine you get pricked by a used needle! Scary? You bet! Check out the news clip here to hear accounts from Nova Scotians whose lives have been affected by improperly disposed needles. 

Did you know that Sharps Containers are FREE from any pharmacy in Nova Scotia if you are a residential sharps user? Once it's filled, bring it back to the pharmacy and they'll give you a new container! 


Toilets are NOT Trash Cans

Prevent Plumbing Problems & Protect the Quality of our Water!

Our sewer system isn't designed to dispose of anything beyond human waste, toilet paper and wastewater. 

Copy of website imagesEven products labelled "flushable"
should not be flushed.


COMPOSTINGUpdate: Curbside Composting Program

The following infographics highlight our progress in the first 10 months of the curbside composting program in West Hants. Thank you for a job well done! 

 Copy of Why Compost 1 Copy Copy Items NOT Included in Roadside Collection

Important: These materials either pose a serious threat to collection and facility workers, or will cause detrimental effects on surrounding human and ecological populations if not disposed of properly. Do your part to make sure they end up where they belong