Landfilling in West Hants

To meet provincial environmental standards, municipalities across Nova Scotia were required to make the switch from first-generation landfills to second-generation landfills (also called "containment landfills") in the beginning of 2006. 

Previous to these changes, West Hants owned and operated its own waste management facility, the Cogmagun Landfill. This site is now monitored by a third party hydrogeologist and overseen by the Department of Environment. Extensive and frequent testing is completed to monitor leachate (liquid runoff formed from waste), landfill gas, surface water and ground water to ensure there is no effect on the surrounding environment.

new portraitThe new West Hants Waste Management Facility, owned and operated by GFL Environmental, is located adjacent to the decommissioned site in Cogmagun. The initial construction of the facility was funded through the Canada/Nova Scotia Infrastructure Program, which holds effective wastewater management, safe drinking water, and enhancing the quality of Nova Scotia's environment at the top of their priorities. GFL continues to meet the same level of commitment towards environmental compliance.

The new landfill design is a fully-contained, monitored disposal site which includes:

  • a composite liner consisting of geomembranes and natural substances;
  • a leachate collection and treatment system; and
  • a landfill gas management system

This facility also includes a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility, Septage Lagoon, and a Construction & Demolition Debris (C&D) collection area.



GFL Environmental West Hants Landfill Information

COVID-19 NOTE: Appointments required for residential loads 

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Household Solid Waste (loads under 400kg) $5.75
Household Solid Waste (loads 400 kg and up) $44.03/t
Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Free
Metal Free
Leaf & Yard Waste Free
Construction & Demolition Debris Contact landfill for details

Commercial Solid Wate     Note: Rates are subject to change over time. If you would like to verify current rates, contact the landfill scale house (information provided below). 



1569 Walton Woods Road
Cogmagun, Nova Scotia
B0N 1E0
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Scalehouse: 902.757.2308
Scalehouse Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Monday 8AM - 5PM
Tuesday 8AM - 5PM
Wednesday 8AM - 5PM
Thursday 8AM - 5PM
Friday 8AM - 5PM

May-September: 8AM-5PM
October-April: 8AM-1PM


For more information, visit the GFL website at <>


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Old Landfill Site (Cogmagun Landfill)

Monitoring wells can be seen around the perimeter of the sealed landfill. 

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Active Landfill (GFL West Hants Waste Management Facility)

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