All rules are subject to chance and decisions may be made case to case bases under the discretion of lifeguards.

  • Use of alcohol and drugs (including cannabis) are strictly prohibited on HAC property. Anyone who is thought to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be denied access.
  • Children 9 and under must be accompanied by a responsible guardian at least 15 years old within arms reach at all times in the water
  • Children in diapers must wear swim diapers when in the pool
  • Do not swim if you have open cuts/sores, flu or cold symptoms, or diarrhea
  • No Glass/Glass containers
  • No food/drinks/gum in pool
  • Facemask goggles (goggles with a covered nosepiece) are strongly discouraged, but may be used at swimmer’s own risk
  • Inflatable waterwings/floaties/buoyant objects are not permitted
  • No snorkels or flippers/fins during public swims
  • No mermaid tails
  • No animals on the pool deck (except service animals)
  •  No smoking on pool property

Diving Board Rules

  • One person at a time on the board
  • Backward entries are not permitted
  • Ensure area is clear before jumping off
  • Once in the water, swim to the ladder immediately
  • No handstands or sitting dives off the board
  • No hanging off the board
  • Swimmers must be able to resurface and swim to ladder unassisted (or must wear a lifejacket)
  • Board can be closed by lifeguards at any time

Hants Aquatic Staff are permitted to refuse entry to any members of the public if deemed necessary.