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Our goal: to provide effective and sustainable waste management in West Hants that promotes both an economically and environmentally viable community, now and for future generations. 

WHRM aknowleges that we, our contracted collectors, and the facilities we use all have a very important role to play in effective, sustainable waste management. Here, we want to highlight that the success we strive for begins at an individual level, with each of our daily actions.

This section of our website is an educational tool to empower you - the individual - to make informed decisions that will help us foster a more sustainable future; one that involves less waste! 


Curbside waste collection tips for winter!


Sorting Holiday Waste in WHRM - Common Items

Whenever possible, remember to reuse or donate items in usable condition before tossing them!


Fast Facts for Businesses in WHRM

Navigating Solid Waste Regulations: Essential information for businesses in West Hants and Windsor

Running a business in West Hants? Understanding and complying with local solid waste regulations is crucial. Our "Fast Facts for Businesses" guidelines provide you with a clear roadmap on managing solid waste efficiently and responsibly. 

Don't miss this essential resource!


Solid Waste Management FAQ

Dive into our FAQs for guidance on sorting, recycling, disposal, and more! 

The Story of Carton Recycling

In today's world, recycling has become an essential aspect of responsible living. Among the various materials that can be recycled, cartons hold a significant place. Milk, soup, juice, wine and broth are just some of the products packaged in cartons that you’ll find in your local grocery store — and they're all recyclable! 

In this article, we'll delve into carton recycling, shedding light on the materials used in their production and the transformations they undergo when given a second life.


Hurricane Lee Storm Event - Debris Disposal 


Curbside collections continue as normal. Please review the following disposal information: