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West Hants Regional Municipality produces quarterly 'Inspired' newsletters to share with residents and businesses.  These newsletters contain generic, regional information and are available every January, April, July and October.  They can be found here or in your mailbox (yep, hard copies go out in the mail as well); how awesome is that?!


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pdf 2021-09 (September) WHRM Newsletter ( pdf, 22.51 MB ) (101 downloads) Popular
pdf 2021-12 (December) WHRM Newsletter ( pdf, 4.37 MB ) (101 downloads) Popular
pdf 2022-01 (January) WHRM Newsletter ( pdf, 5.82 MB ) (152 downloads) Popular
pdf 2022-04 (April) WHRM Newsletter ( pdf, 8.92 MB ) (25 downloads)
pdf 2022-07 (July) WHRM Newsletter ( pdf, 4.17 MB ) (95 downloads)