The committees listed below help Council when it considers the use of land and the impact of climate change in WHRM. Each committee is made up of resident members plus one or more members of Council. Residents are appointed for a two-year term. This is often extended if the resident wants to stay on the committee and if other have not applied to join. All vacancies are advertised in the paper and on the website.

Committees are governed by the Meeting and Committee Procedural Policy, the Terms of Reference for the particular committee and the Code of Conduct. Committees can’t make decisions: they make recommendations to Council, and Council then makes the decision.

Planning Advisory Committee & Heritage Advisory Committee and (PAC & HAC)

PAC meets on the second Thursday of every month (except August) and advises Council on planning and heritage matters affecting the Municipality that require a decision from Council. 

Climate Action Committee (CAC)

The CAC, formerly known as the Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (MCCAP), provides a forum for all municipal departments and Council representatives to work co-operatively on implementing and evaluating the adaptation and mitigation actions outlined in the Climate Change Action Plans of the Municipality. These policy and adaptation procedures help protect people, properties, special places, and municipal infrastructure from the negative impact of climate change.

Regional Council in March 2021 disbanded the Hantsport Area Advisory Committee (HAAC) and the Windsor Area Advisory Committee (WAAC).