Municipal Heritage Property Designation

The Municipal Heritage Property By-Law (2018) was adopted to provide for the identification, preservation and protection of buildings, public-building interiors, streetscapes, cultural landscapes or areas of historical or cultural value in the Municipality.

The age of a property alone does not guarantee that it will be found of heritage value. The significance of a property’s association with persons, events, or activities of importance in the history and culture of West Hants is taken into consideration. 

Council’s approval is needed to determine whether a property will be registered as a Municipal Heritage Property. Once a property is registered the owner must apply to the Municipality for permission to make any exterior changes.

Benefits of Designation include:

  • maintaining historical character
  • encouraging pride on the part of the community and property owner;
  • the possibility of increasing property value
  • attracting tourist
  • the ability to apply to the Municipal and Provincial funding programs which assist with repairs to maintain and conserve the heritage property

Important Documents


Costs associated with the research and registration of the property are the responsibility of the applicant.  A registration fee is collected at the time of application. If Council does not register the property, the fees are returned.

Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) is a committee of Council which advises on:

  • buildings, public-building interiors, streetscapes, cultural landscapes or areas in the Municipal Registry of Heritage Property;
  • applications to substantially alter or demolish a Municipal Heritage Property; and
  • other heritage matters.

Deregistration Process

Registration is permanently attached to the title of the property and transfers from owner to owner, unless a property is deregistered. The process to deregister is:

  • Submit an application to the Municipal Planning and Development Department
  • Staff and HAC review and recommend to Council
  • Public hearing (30-day notice)
  • Decision made by Council
  • Notice of deregistration sent to owner and filed in the Land Registry Office.

For more information contact our Planning and Development Department at 902-798-8391 Ext. 115 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..