Collection Schedules

Waste Collection Services in WHRM are currently divided into 4 Areas. See below for the 2021 calendars specific to your area, or simply Enter your Address HERE to see your personalized collection schedule!

 Items must be placed curbside by 7:00AM on collection day. 
Please see Collection Details below for important information on curbside collection requirements** 
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 AREA 1:  pdf 2021 Calender (514 KB)  

Includes communities of: Falmouth, Upper Falmouth, Mt. Denson (Hwy 1 from Falmouth to Apple Treet Road), Leminster, Vaughan, Upper Vaughan, Wile Settlement, Mill Section, Windsor Forks, Martock, Garlands Crossing, Currys Corner, Three Mile Plains, Newport Station (West of Hwy 101), St. Croix (West of Hwy 101). 


AREA 2:  pdf 2021 Calendar (600 KB)

Includes communities of: Walton, Pembroke, Cambridge, Bramber, Cheverie, Kempt Shore, Summerville, Riverside, Cogmagun, Upper Burlington, Centre Curlington, Lower Burlington, Belmont, Avondale, Poplar Grove, Mantua, Wentworth Creek, Gypsum Mines, Sweets Corner, Woodville, Brooklyn, Newport Corner, Ellershouse, Ardoise, McKay Section, Greenhill, Hillsvale. 


AREA 3:  pdf 2021 Calender (600 KB)

Includes communities of: Hantsport, Bishopville, Hants Border (Bog Rd from and including Old Post Rd to Hantsport), Mt. Denson (Hwy 1 from and including Apple Tree Road/ Aberdeen Beach Rd to Hantsport, McKinley Rd and Schurman Rd)


WINDSOR:  2021 Calendar

This applies to all residences previously included in the Town of Windsor collection area. 
See here for road specifications:  Former Town Limits

Collection Day: FRIDAY (new in 2021)
Remember - Items must be placed curbside by 7:00 am! 

Collection Details 


  • In your Green Cart, NO plastic or plastic-like material is permitted, including compost bags and other "eco-products" that are labelled as bio-degradable plastic. 

  • For Garbage & Recycling, CLEAR BAGS ONLY - no black bags are permitted for curbside collection.

    • Inside each bag of Garbage, you are permitted 1 small 'privacy bag' if needed. (i.e. kitchen-catcher, grocery bag, etc.)

    • For Recycling, use clear OR clear-blue bags.   

    • Windsor Residents: see additional information on black bags under Bag Limits, below. 

  • WHRM does not have a "spring cleanup" collection event for multiple bulky items. Instead:

    • Each Garbage day (bi-weekly), you can swap 1 bag for 1 (non-metal) bulky item, all year long! (i.e. couch, a bundle of siding, vacuum, mattress, etc.)

    • Weight limit: 70kg (154 lbs)  |  General size limit: 1.22m x 1.83m  |  Bundle hard-to-collect items like lumber, carpet, etc. 

    • Additional bulky items should be stored until your next garbage day, or brought to the West Hants landfill for disposal. 

  • Bulky Metal is collected once per year (twice in Windsor) during a Special Collection event. See details below


Sorting Guides:

Or try searching from hundreds of waste items here: Waste App: R6Recycles!

Additional reading:  pdf Page 2 of WHRM collection calendar mailout: What's new? (250 KB)  

Bag Limits

Note: For residents living within the former Town of Windsor limits, please see the designated section below, as curbside requirements differ. 

Garbage: 6 bags (OR 5 bags + 1 non-metal bulky item)

Recycling: 10 bags (or swap each bag with a bundle of cardboard)

Green Cart: 1 full green cart. Must be able to close the lid. 

You are permitted to place extra leaf & yard waste on your green cart collection day!

  • Up to 3 paper bags of leaf & yard waste are allowed next to your green cart

  • You can swap 1 paper bag for 1 bundle of brush
    (Brush must be tied into bundles. Branches should be no thicker than 3", no longer than 1.2m (4ft) and no heavier than 22kg (55lbs))


Bag Limits: Windsor Residents Only 

This applies to all residences previously included in the Former town of Windsor collection area.

Garbage: 4 bags total + 1 non-metal bulky item. (1 clear bag can be swapped for 1 black bag)

Recycling: 4 bags (blue bag #1 & #2 combined)

Green Cart: 1 full green cart. Must be able to close the lid. 

Leaf & Yard Waste:
There is a designated Special Collection for Windsor residents. 

This Special Collection will occur on the last Monday of every month, from April - November only. You are allowed:

  • 2 bundles of brush (no more than 105cm in length or 25kg in weight)

  • Unlimited number of bags containing leaves and grass clippings (placed in paper yard waste bags, or securely tied orange or clear plastic bags)

Note: Disposal of trees and large amounts of hedge removal is not permitted for collection under this special collection. 



waste section of website 2

  Special Collections:

Metal Week

Depending on your area, Metal Collection Week will occur once or twice per year.
Alternatively, metal can be brought to the West Hants Landfill, free of charge, year-round. 

No limit on the number of pieces, but some restrictions apply:

- Must be at least 70% metal

- No single item is to exceed 1.22 m (4 feet) in length & 70 kg (155 lbs) in weight

- Small items (hardware, nails, nuts, bolts etc.) should be contained

- NO large springs, electronics, small appliances, pots/pans, or propane tanks

 - Oil tanks must be empty and cut in half

- Fridge, A/C units, freezers must have "CFC Removed" sticker

- Any small items (hardware, nails, nuts, bolts etc.) should be contained

- Washer, water tanks, BBQs, lawnmowers are accepted

West Hants Metal Collection (Excluding Windsor*)

Metal collection will occur once a year on your regular collection day, during the specified week below:
AREA 1: June 14th - 17th, 2021  |  AREA 2 & 3: June 7th -11th, 2021 

*Windsor Metal Collection

Metal collection will occur twice annually on your regular collection day. See 2021 dates below:

June 11th  |  October 29th 



 Q&A: Why are waste guidelines different depending on where I live?

The following video explains why WHRM residents see differences in waste guidelines depending on where they live! 

Educational Video:



Contacts & Resources:

For Curbside Collection Issues:

(i.e. missed stop, missed bags, rejections, etc.)

  • Call GFL dispatch at 902-798-0910.

  • If further assistance is needed, contact our Waste Services Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 902-798-8391; Ext 128

Green Cart Requests & Repairs:

Additional Information: 

  • Can't find what you're looking for?

    Reach out to our Waste Services Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 902-798-8391; Ext 128. You can also submit an online Waste Management Service Request anytime. 

  • As always, schedules and sorting information can be found here: