Collection Schedules

Waste Collection Services in the region are divided into Areas. See below for the 2020-2021 calendars specific to your area, or find everything you're looking for on our NEW Waste App: R6Recycles by simply entering your home address. From there, you can access your schedule, print it, insert it into a digital calendar, and even sign up for weekly reminders so you never miss a collection day. You can also sign up for service alerts to be notified of any delays or cancellations regarding your waste collection. pdf Collection Details & Whats New 2021  (250 KB)


Communities of: Falmouth, Upper Falmouth, Mt. Denson (Hwy 1 from Falmouth to Apple Treet Road), Leminster, Vaughan, Upper Vaughan, Wile Settlement, Mill Section, Windsor Forks, Martock, Garlands Crossing, Currys Corner, Three Mile Plains, Newport Station (West of Hwy 101), St. Croix (West of Hwy 101). 

Please click here pdf Area 1 2021 Calander (514 KB) waste schedule. Items must be placed at the curb by 7:00am on your regular collection day. Please see Collection Details below for what is accepted. 


Communities of: Walton, Pembroke, Cambridge, Bramber, Cheverie, Kempt Shore, Summerville, Riverside, Cogmagun, Upper Burlington, Centre Curlington, Lower Burlington, Belmont, Avondale, Poplar Grove, Mantua, Wentworth Creek, Gypsum Mines, Sweets Corner, Woodville, Brooklyn, Newport Corner, Ellershouse, Ardoise, McKay Section, Greenhill, Hillsvale.  Please click here for pdf Area 2&3 2021 Calander  (600 KB)


Communities of: Hantsport, Bishopville, Hants Border (Bog Rd from and including Old Post Rd to Hantsport), Mt. Denson (Hwy 1 from and including Apple Tree Road/ Aberdeen Beach Rd to Hantsport, McKinley Rd and Schurman Rd)

Please click here  pdf Area 2&3 2021 Calander (600 KB)  for your Area 2/3 waste schedule. Items must be placed at the curb by 7:00am on your regular collection day. Please see Collection Details below for what is accepted.  


Tuesday: Albert Street (Civic No's. 366-546), Alexander Street, Chandler Lane, Churchill Street, Clifton Avenue, Clockmaker Lane, Edgehill Court, Haliburton Avenue, Highland Avenue, King Street (Civic No's. 494-920 & 948), Lakeview Drive, River Street, Sunset Avenue, Wiley Avenue (Civic No's. 330-773), Willow Street, and Wilson Street.

Wednesday: Albert Street (Civic No's. 32-335), Avon Street, Cedar Street, Chestnut Street, Cobbett Street, Colonial Road, Fort Edward Street, Fox's Lane, Gerrish Street, Gray Street, Hawthorne Street, King Street (Civic No's. 8-467), King Street Extension, Munro Street, Nesbit Street, Stannus Street, Thomas Street, Victoria Lane, Victoria Street, Wagner's Court, Water Street, and Wiley Avenue (Civic No's. 155-257).

Thursday: Brightman Avenue, Burgess Crescent, Campbell Avenue, Centennial Drive, Chester Road (Civic No's. 5564-5485 & 5239-5221), Cole Drive, College Road, Cottage Street, Crossley Court, Empire Lane, Fraser Drive, Industrial Drive, King Street (Civic No's. 931-945 & 950-1952), King's Edgehill Lane, Kingsview Drive, Manning Drive, Morison Drive (No. 26 ONLY), O'Brien Street, Park Drive, Payzant Drive, St. John Street, Sunnyhill Drive, Trecothic Drive, Tremain Crescent, Underwood Drive, and Wentworth Road.

Our Calendar can be seen here: pdf Windsor Collection Schedule 202 (189 KB) Items must be curbside by 7:30am on the regular collection day. 

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  Special Collection:


Metal West Hants

AREA 1 JUNE 14th - 17th  2021 | AREA 2 & 3 JUNE 7th -11th 2021        pdf Click Here for Metal Collection Details  (250 KB)

One collection per year in late spring

- No limit on the number of pieces, but some restrictions apply:

- Must be at least 70% metal

- No single item is to exceed 1.22 m (4 feet) in length & 70 kg (155 lbs) in weight

- Small items (hardware, nails, nuts, bolts etc.) should be contained

- NO large springs, electronics, small appliances, pots/pans, or propane tanks


- Items must be larger than 1ft2

- Item must be at least 70% mital

- Oil tanks must be empty and cut in half

- Washer, water tanks, BBWs, lawnmovers are accepted

- Fridge, A/C units, freezers must have "CFC Removed" sticker

NOTE: Our Region does not have a special collection for spring cleanup


Sorting Guides

  pdf Household Sorting Guide (782 KB)

Christmas Sorting Guide folder

  pdf Windsor Limits Sorting Guide (307 KB)

OR - find out what goes where with our NEW Waste App: R6Recycles (for the web and mobile devices)


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