Annual Special Collection Event: Bulky Metal 


Metal Collection is an annual "special collection" event that occurs each spring.  

2022 dates: from June 13th - 24th in 2022. 

2023 dates: TBD

There is no limit to the number of metal pieces placed curbside, but some restrictions do apply:

⚙️ Must be at least 70% metal

⚙️ No single item is to exceed 1.22 m (4 feet) in length & 70 kg (155 lbs) in weight (note: large items can be cut in half)

⚙️ Oil tanks must be empty and cut in half

⚙️ Small items (hardware, nails, nuts, bolts etc.) should be contained

⚙️ NO large springs, electronics, small appliances, pots/pans, or propane tanks (search proper disposal here:

⚙️ Fridge, A/C units & freezers must have chemicals safely removed by a professional and include a "CFC Removed" sticker for curbside collection

⚙️ Washers, water tanks, BBQs, & lawnmowers are accepted

Alternatively, metal can be brought to the West Hants Landfill, (free of charge!), year-round. Learn more here:


DId you have problems with this year's metal collection in June? If so, please call GFL dispatch at 902-798-0910 for assistance.