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Our goal: to provide effective and sustainable waste management in West Hants that promotes both an economically and environmentally viable community, now and for future generations. 

WHRM aknowleges that we, our contracted collectors, and the facilities we use all have a very important role to play in effective, sustainable waste management. Here, we want to highlight that the success we strive for begins at an individual level, with each of our daily actions.

This section of our website is an educational tool to empower you - the individual - to make informed decisions that will help us foster a more sustainable future; one that involves less waste! 


Why was my household waste not collected?

To find out why your waste may have been missed or rejected, click one of the following waste streams to learn more:

Green Cart
Bulky Item
Special Collection: Metal

Composting 101: Using a Mini-Bin in Your Home

Unless you don't mind running out to the green bin every time you peel a banana, blow your nose, or make a cup of tea, you'll need to find a way to collect compostable items in your home until you're ready to take them out. We like to refer to these compost collection containers as "mini-bins."

No plastic bags in green cart FINALNote: West Hants does not allow disposal of any plastic compost bags in the green cart, as they present several issues for collectors, compost facility workers, and those who buy and use the end product. THIS INCLUDES bags labelled "biodegradable." We understand this may be an inconvenience to some residents, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation. To give you a better composting experience, we've provided multiple alternatives to using plastic catchment bags, along with other tips and tricks for maintaining a clean, odourless mini-bin!

Frozen Green Carts

Canadian winters present a challenge to residents using green carts across the Country. If the contents of your cart are freezing to the inside and getting stuck, garbage collectors may be unable to empty out the contents of your bin - but there are solutions! If this happens to you, try one of the following tips, please be patient and wait for your next collection day. 


Christmas Tree Disposal in WHRM 

Wondering what to do with your tree once the holidays come to a close? Look no further! 

Please ensure ALL ornaments, lights, tinsel and garland is removed before donating, upcycling or disposing of your tree. 

Holiday Waste Sorting Guide | Common Items

View or download our comprehensive Christmas sorting guide here!

Gift Wrapping Alternatives

Learn how to create beautiful, personalized gift wrappings that save resources and reduce our waste footprint! 

Gift Wrapping Alternatives