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Our goal: to provide effective and sustainable waste management in West Hants that promotes both an economically and environmentally viable community, now and for future generations. 

Although the Municipal Government has a very important role to play, it's important to understand that effective, sustainable waste management begins at an individual levelThis section of our website is an educational tool to enable you - the individual - to make informed decisions that will help us create a more sustainable future; one that involves less waste! 



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How to Reduce your Impact over the Holidays

'Tis the season for lots of food, drinks, decorations and... well, lots of everything! It's a time when overindulgence is hard to avoid, which is why more trash is produced over the holidays than any other time of year. In fact, the average household increases their waste output by 25% or more! Learn what you can do to reduce your impact by following this simple guide. Everything from greeting cards and gift wrapping to properly sorting your waste - we've got you covered!