Prevent Plumbing Problems &
Protect the Quality of our Water

Do Not Flush

Our sewer system isn't designed to dispose of anything beyond human waste, toilet paper and wastewater.

Copy of website imagesEven products labelled "flushable"
should not be flushed. 

 If it doesn't affect your household plumbing, it can create issues within the municipal sewer system and wastewater treatment facilities, resulting in costly maintenance and repairs. Being kind to your pipes saves everyone money.

Certain materials can also have a serious effect on the environment. Our wastewater treatment facility operates on a delicate balance of microbes and is designed to process human waste and biodegradable tissue only. Most of the inorganic solids can be separated before the process begins, but any chemicals that enter the treatment facility has the potential to kill off the bacteria it depends on and will make its way into receiving waters. This includes pharmaceuticals, vitamins, chemical fertilizers, and harsh cleaning products. Even large quantities of nutrient-rich food byproducts, sugars, and yeast can offset the microbial balance - this is like candy to the bacteria and they will essentially eat themselves to death instead of creating new cells. Wow!

Please think before you flush and help keep our wastewater systems clear! 


website images 8Unsure where something belongs?
Go to our Waste App: R6Recycles to learn how to properly dispose of all waste items.