"Climate Wise & Weather Prepared"

In December 2013, West Hants Council adopted the Municipal Climate Change Action Plan (MCCAP) as an amendment to the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan which was approved in 2010.

The process of writing the MCCAP, carried out by the Climate Change Adaptation Committee, included education on the impacts of climate change on the Municipality, and sparked vital discussions about policy and procedures that could help protect people, properties, special places, and essential municipal services. The MCCAP also summarizes West Hants' greenhouse gas emissions and presents strategies to reduce those emissions. The MCCAP Committee has taken over from the Climate Change Adaptation Committee and will help guide implementation of the actions outlined in the MCCAP.

As with all committees of Council, the public are welcome to attend meetings. Please call the Planning and Development Department at 902-798-8391 ext. 115 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details on meeting times and agendas.

Municipal Climate Change Action Plan Minutes and Reports

Climate Change Adaptation Committee Minutes and Report

Stormwater Management Plans

Falmouth Stormwater Management Plan
Hantsport Stormwater Management Plan
Three Mile Plains Stormwater Management Plan

West Hants Coastal Flood Risk Assessment Study 2018-19

Coastal flooding during storms is often an issue on the Minas Shore in West Hants. To better understand flooding risks along the shoreline, particularly from Avondale to Cheverie, and the potential impact of sea-level rise, the Municipality hired consultants to perform a Coastal Flood Risk Assessment Study.

The Study included community and property owner consultation, review of historical storm and flooding data, modelling of extreme water levels, identification of property and infrastructure at risk as well as identification of future options, cost estimates and priorities.

The first round of community information sessions took place on November 24th. A survey was also circulated at this stage to gather further community input. The results of the community session and survey can be found in the “What We Heard” Report.

After the study to understand the alternatives for adapting to and reducing the impact of flooding on the community was completed a second round of community information sessions was held March 23rd. Following the final community information sessions, the consultants presented the results of the project to the Municipal Climate Change Action Plan Committee on April 8, 2019. Please find the final report here:  National Disaster Mitigation Program Risk Assessment Study

For more information on this project please contact Municipal Planners Saira Shah or Sara Poirier, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additional Documents

Coastal Flood Risk Assessment Study: First Meeting Poster

Coastal Flood Risk Assessment Study: Second Meeting Poster