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Until March 2021,Hantsport Area Advisory Committee (HAAC) advised the Planning Advisory Committee of the Municipality on planning matters affecting the community of Hantsport including the preparation and amendment of planning documents and planning matters generally. In March 2021, Council disbanded the HAAC and re-structured the Planning Advisory and Heritage Committee.

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pdf Hantsport Generalized Future Land Use Map - November 2018.pdf ( pdf, 376 KB )
pdf Hantsport Land Use By-law Consolidated - May 2018.pdf ( pdf, 151 KB )
pdf Hantsport Municipal Planning Strategy Consolidated - November 2018.pdf ( pdf, 143 KB )
pdf Hantsport Subdivision By-law ( pdf, 614 KB )
pdf Hantsport Zoning Map - May 2018.pdf ( pdf, 175 KB )