The Councils of the Municipality and the Town of Windsor met with staff from the Department of Municipal Affairs on August 29 to discuss and review their request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs for Special Legislation to consolidate our communities.

The Councils agreed that the Queens County amalgamation will be used as the model for our region and after a successful evening of discussion and debate agreed to the following statements:
• Our Councils are committed to moving forward together to create a new regional government for a stronger community.
• Our public will be engaged in a continuous and responsive way to inform our decision making.
• Coherent communication messages will be agreed to in a timely manner by all three parties, the two municipal units and the Province, before being made public.
• It will be made clear by the two municipal units what they can change or influence and what they cannot.
• No individual Councillor or municipal unit will speak on behalf of the group.
• Councils understand that all questions will not be able to be answered as of yet, but lack of details does not equal a lack of commitment.