Christmas Tree Disposal in WHRM

Wondering what to do with your tree once the holidays come to a close? Look no further! 

Please ensure ALL ornaments, lights, tinsel and garland is removed before donating, upcycling or disposing of your tree. 

 1Give to a Farmer

You may be surprised to know that many farm animals enjoy eating Christmas trees! 

2. Chip and Mulch:

Branches can be removed and used as winter protection in the garden, and both the branches and trunk can be chopped or chipped to make your own garden mulch! If you don't own one or know somebody who does, rent or buy a woodchipper and process the tree. Store the mulch and age for at least one year before using. If gardening is popular in your neighborhood, this is a great community project.

3. Fish Refuge/ Feeding:

Trees sunk into fish ponds make an excellent refuge and feeding area for fish and other aquatic life. 

4. Bird Refuge/ Feeding:

Place the tree in your backyard or garden to create a bird habitat for overwintering and feeding! Trim the tree with natural goodies such orange slices, bread, cranberries, bird seed and suet. Trim off the lower branches so cats or other predators don't have the opportunity to hide under the tree. 

5. Woodland Wildlife Refuge

Bring your tree to a wooded area for wildlife to take shelter. The natural decomposition of the tree over time will provide much needed nutients to the forest soil. 

6. Potpourri

Branch tips and needles provide aromatic stuffing for sachets.

7. Erosion Barriers:

In some communities, discarded trees are kept intact and used to stabilize beaches and shorelines. The trunk can also be cut into slices and used to line garden beds to create a defined border. 

8. Garden Ornamental

If you purchased a balled/potted tree this year, it can be planted in the yard at a later date for added years of enjoyment. Consult your local nursery or garden centre for transplant instructions.

9. Feeling creative?

Why not create something useful from your tree? Walking sticks, longbows, coat racks, vine poles and outdoor artwork are all great examples to make use of your tree after Christmas! 

10. Outdoor Firewood

Do not burn your tree in the fireplace or wood stove - the resulting creosote buildup can ignite and cause house fires - BUT why not use it to have an outdoor bon fire with your family and friends this winter? 

11. Bring your tree to your local drop-off site!

If you aren't able to upcycle your tree with one or more of the above methods, WHRM provides a collection service at designated drop-off sites accross the municipality. 

  • Hantsport HMCC grounds: near the dog park, situated beside the dumpster - until the end of January

  • Three Mile Plains Community Hall: 4474 Evangenline Trail - until the end of January

  • Avon Valley Floral: 285 Town Rd. Falmouth (on the Gabriel Rd side) - until the end of January

  • OR... West Hants Landfill: 1569 Walton Woods Rd - anytime during GFL's regular hours of operation



NEW: There is a special curbside collection for christmas trees that will occur on FRIDAY, FEB 18th on your regular green cart collection day. Trucks will be collecting materials from green bins first, then returning later for trees. 

Have your tree curbside by 7am on collection day, and please ensure all ornaments, lights, tinsel and garland is removed.